Circular Ceramics by Sara Howard

Vessel  /  Minimalism
Made from industrial waste by-products to replace the typical raw materials in ceramic production.
Ceramic tableware.

"Circular Ceramics" is a series of vessels created from the by-products of industrial waste. With recourse to the principles of the circular economy, "Circular Ceramics" forms an industrial symbiosis within the ceramic industry: The waste by-product of a ceramic manufacturer serves as raw material for the ceramic production of the series. Many of the raw materials currently used to make ceramics are expected to run out over the next 20 years based on current consumption rates and a number of known resources. Alone the United Kingdom produced 10 million tons of industrial waste in 2018, which contained many of the finite, increasingly scarce raw materials that are becoming gradually expensive. The aim of “Circular Ceramics” is to minimize the consumption of these finite raw materials through the recovery of industrial waste and to secure a future for the ceramic industry and the earth. The individual items of the series are traditionally functional and designed for everyday use. They have a natural colour and surface impression that can change and vary depending on the components.

Sara Howard
Circular Ceramics
Industrial waste.
Photo by:
Sara Howard

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