Untitled by Sara Monopoli

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Published: 06.10.2022
Sara Monopoli
Gold-plated brass, resin.
Photo by:
Lorenzo Scarpelini
Unique piece

From series:
This is the Anthropocene, the footprint that man is leaving.
A synthetic era where “Natural” no longer exists, hiding our abuse of nature behind meaningless “Green” slogans.
We have conquered all. We are no longer limited by the laws of nature but we have learned to bend and modify them to our needs.
For my jewelry collection, I looked back at the natural processes and traces of nature, specifically focusing on the Ammonite fossil used as a guide fossil to keep track and reconstruct our history but today used in particular to find new fossil fuel sources.
In parallel, observing humankind’s tendency to force and destroy nature, I decided to copy the iconic shape of the Ammonite fossil and create a mold which will allow me to mass produce a new manmade “classic” fossil made of the materials we abstract from nature.
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