Medal Convex 18 by Sarah O’Hana

I am increasingly curious of research going on in other disciplines and the way in which this information might be brought to new audiences. Adapting to extreme cultural differences such as daily language and research methodologies is much like migrating to another country. The meticulous rigour of scientific investigation, where new materials and processes are observed at nanometer level and beyond, offers valuable information for our art and design disciplines.
In these defining moments in human history it is imperative that the arts work alongside the sciences and technologists, not least because the materials arts methodology of lateral thought, creativity and personal investment can lead to alternative ways of resolving problems. Our main hurdle, however, is to secure the interest of science for these collaborations in the first place.
The medal Convex 18 is one of many dedications to the scientific culture. The medal is awarded to those who supported and guided my research through its most demanding phases and to whom the interest in extreme cross-disciplinary research is due. Whilst the convex lens invites the viewer into the world of magnification, the piece serves mainly as a reminder to the scientific community of the importance of the creativity shared during that time.

Photograph: Kalsang Shoba
Sarah O’Hana
Medal Convex 18
Silver, acrylic, recovered lens, textile, brass
50 x 9 cm

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