<3 by Sarah Regensburger

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Published: 29.08.2019
Sarah Regensburger
Polyurethan, car paint.
Photo by:
Sarah Regensburger
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It‘s not just scientists and sociologists who have recognized it, also jewellery designer Sarah Regensburger is dealing intensively with the topic: How does the digital age, in which social media significantly influences everyday life, change the language through computer-mediated communication? A flood of colourful emojis questions the rule of letters and reveals a tendency to redevelop a language based on pictorial signs. What meaning do we attribute to the individual letters of the alphabet? Can we look at them detached from predestined archetypes and experiences? When does a letter become an abstract sign, a form or even an object? Searching for an answer, the observer‘s view and the role of one‘s own body plays an important role in the jewellery pieces. Through the different treatment of materiality and abstraction of existing characters, a process of different ways of looking at original structures should be initiated.
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