Solid Vulnerability by Selien Lips

Architectural scaffolds are external, functional auxiliary constructions that are not built with the intention of them being aesthetic. In this collection, however, attention is drawn to the unintended aesthetics of scaffolding.
If you take the time to admire scaffolding, the beauty of the repetitive linear pattern, the connections, and the contrast between the massive building and the open scaffolding becomes visible.
These functional and visual characteristics are transformed into jewellery. Raw stones function as a representation of the massive buildings. Just like open scaffolds support a building from the outside, thin constructions twist around these rough stones. The constructions, based on the visual characteristics of the scaffold, become unconventional stone settings.
This master collection shows the translation of constructive scaffolds into architectural jewellery.
Selien Lips
Solid Vulnerability
Chalcedony, brass, steel, silver.
5.7 x 5.7 x 7.7 cm
From series:
Unintended Beauty

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