L'Amoureaux by Serena Holm

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In my paraphrase of the tarot card l'Amoureaux (VI), the three graces are depicted as three of our time most grotesque figures. In 2019 I considered Trump and Putin taking the lead. As the third grace I was unsure, testing with different prominent personalities from Western and Eastern culture I ended into a more drastic choice, the Death itself. As represented in the iconic movie of Ingmar Bergman, The Seventh Seal.Putin and Trump hold each a bomb. Death comes when time ends, therefore I put a clockwork in the hand of the death. The watch is from the Big Ben in London. The ground on which the figures stand is covered by death skulls...The sky is dark and threatening. But a scarf is made through the clouds by strong arrays of light and an angel appears pointing with a bow.

Assigned the tarot card l'Amoureaux as my task for the exhibition, I had a missing element in my picture, the Cupido. Who could be the Cupido in my piece? What do we want for us in this world? What is the most important for our existence? Our planet. As a symbol for climate awareness and activism who could I choose if not Greta Thunberg? And where is the arrow? At the back of the card two arrow indicate two different directions. Two pictures of the Earth show the possible scenarios our actions will take us to. Depending in which direction we go it will result in an healthy peaceful globe or a destroyed one.

Serena Holm
Feather, velvet, plastic, pearls, silver.
8.6 x 5.4 x 0.1 cm
Unique piece

Photo by:
Joakim Holmgren

Estimated price: 3750 €

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