Refract Cuff by Shannon McRae

Bracelet  /  Design
I believe there is beauty in simplicity. Basic, simple shapes that we look at day in and day out can take on new form and new meaning, simply by shifting perspective. With each piece I create, I am attempting to remind my wearer of this.
I find nature boundlessly inspiring in so many ways. Watching light and shadows change as we move through the year, to the way the sunlight dances off of water, is fascinating to me. Creating pieces that interact with nature, never steering too far from my love of minimalism, is at the core of Lou Jewels. This translates to highly reflective surfaces, subtle textures, and unexpected elements.
Last but certainly not least, I am drawn to the universal language of mathematics. Geometric lines and shapes become art when viewed through the proper lens.
Each piece of Lou Jewels 
jewelry is crafted by hand, through the process of fabrication. As a result, each piece is injected with the love and gratitude I feel while making it. The process of creating each piece, starting with inspiration, to the final design, to construction, to finishing is such a joyous process for me as an artist. I hope that that joy resonates with the wearers of my jewelry.
Shannon McRae
Refract Cuff
Sterling silver or polished brass.

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