Dreams by Shuhui Zheng

Brooch  /  Abstract
This work is the result of my memories of my childhood dreams. I am now almost no longer dream, maybe I made a dream but will forget after wake up. But in my memory, my childhood is more than a dream. I am very timid, happened during the day a little bit scared, will have nightmares at night. And when I recall the past, it was as if I had stood looking down in midair, the dream is no longer clear. They are mostly happened in my growth environment, because of reality which has been changed during the day, make the reality into a surreal. So I decided to make a "small world", the small world of dreams. Quick dry cement quality of a material is loose, it is easy to be broken, so I made a brass frame first and make it connected to the part of a brooch, then pouring concrete into a mold, to hide the framework. The wood part is:on the small wood rub white latex, and then coat with cement powder with sandpaper, so integrating them and cement.
Shuhui Zheng
Quick dry cement, wood, brass, steel.

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