#1 by Sihui Li

Necklace  /  Minimalism   Conceptual

Since 2019, there has always been one place in my home country or Europe that is suffering. I can't escape the feeling of being caught in between two places or being torn in half. I fled back and forth between physical reality and cyberspace, looking for an ice floe to stay on for a little moment. This series of works is a record and a reflection of such experience.

I am trying to find and express a state of "in-between", between one moment and the next, between reality and illusion, between appearance and disappearance...... And this state is not static and finite. Amid two opposing forces exists a very small space, a tiny and narrow gap. That can be either the place where the transformation takes place or where the two forces collide. It is a passage or a solid boundary. The journey of exploration and practice is to enter into this space of "in-between", to feel strong pressure and the attraction between them. My works compose a letter for those days on the ice floe.

Welcome to the in-between.
Sihui Li
Basalt, silver, nylon wire
29 x 29 x 2 cm
Unique piece

Estimated price: 4650 €

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