Dull Sex by Simón Mazuera

Brooch  /  Geometric

Statement: Floating Steps has the intention to generate a spark within us so that we question ourselves and explore in our unconscious what our true fears are. Also, to get to know us better, starting with the negative aspects in order to make all the positive things inside ourselves flourish. These pieces are a reminder that we are vulnerable humans, where we constantly strive to be superheroes that we will never be. The idea of each brooch is to show how fear is inside us. Where we can only discover it with an action or decision we make. In this case, the decision is to be able to seek the unknown fear and identify it, hidden inside.
Simón Mazuera
Dull Sex
Glass, copper, steel.
7 x 5 x 2.5 cm
From series:
Floating Steps
Photo by:
Simón Mazuera

Estimated price: 570 €

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