Nesting 1 by Sofía Arreguín Poucel

Brooch  /  Natural   Organic
Statement: Like a little bird choosing the best branches to build its nest where it takes care of its younglings, we have been preparing our home for it to be our space of peace, relaxation, a place to be safe with our family in these times of crisis. These brooches pay tribute to what we have lived during quarantine and the changes we have made to our homes to make them more suitable for quarantine. Technology has played an important part in this transformation since the only contact we have with our friends, family, and the outside world is our phones, our computers, and our TVs. That's why the main material in this piece is metal (copper and silver). I added the cotton cord contrary to the cold metal, referencing the comfort we seek in our homes.
Sofía Arreguín Poucel
Nesting 1
Silver electroformed branch, wood, cotton thread.
2.5 x 18.5 x 0.6 cm
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Sofía Arreguín Poucel

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