Interlinked by Sophia de Groot

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Sophia de Groot (b. 1993, Netherlands) is a Masters student of the Jewellery Design, Gold and Silversmithing Department at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp.  
In her research, Sophia is exploring movement within the limitation of one material and it’s possibilities within one autonomous piece. She is searching for a way to create fluidity in one continuous shape. One form of jewellery that embodies these properties is chain. 
In her work she considers the links of a chain and the way they are connected as an item into itself and not just as a support for other jewellery; the chain and it’s a repetitive connection as the main subject in her jewellery pieces.  
Sophia is a digital craftsman who unites technology, craftsmanship and art. She crosses with her designs in multiple disciplines. By making 3D printed stainless steel links and assembling them in a repetitive way by the hand she makes unique combinations of chain pieces.  
Because of her research, she was on- and offline in connection with different people around the world who all contributed in some way in her work. The beauty in the digital world is that everyone is linked and want to help in making solutions for the problems you’re facing. Everyone elements connected, like a chain.  
We are all linked.  
One by one.  
Moving on our own. 
Very tight or loosely. 
But interlinked together.
Sophia de Groot
Body piece
3D printed stainless steel.
From series:
Photo by:
Casper Fitzhue

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