Man-Made Mycelium 2 by Sophia Koot

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Man-Made Mycelium is series of sculptural neckpieces made from recycled and repurposed plastic produce bags. This body of work draws upon an abstract representation of the fungal root network, mycelium.
I focus on fungi as its role is as a recycling organism in nature, decomposing dead matter, transferring the nutrients back into the soil – creating an environment that doesn’t generate waste. Unlike fungi, we have not been successful in achieving such a lifecycle for the materials we have fabricated, resulting in excessive amounts in our environment.
By adopting various processes I have adopted a similar role to fungi. By revitalising plastic produce bags, I transform plastic bags into a unique material allowing me to create fluid neckpiece forms. 

Sophia Koot
Body piece
Man-Made Mycelium 2
Plastic produce bags, thread, aluminium wire, spray paint
Length: 485 cm
Photo by:
Sophia Koot

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