LUST by Sophia Mohr

Bracelet  /  OnBody   Organic
Model: Tamara Winkscha
Unique piece

Female pleasure is still a taboo. Myths, lack of education, and social norms do not make it easy for us women to have a positive, open relationship with our own desire. In my thesis, I wrote an educational book, which I recommend everyone to read. The QR code leads to the German-language reading sample. My examination of lust is very personal. The jewelry pieces are based on lines drawn from my body in the highest ecstasy through long exposure photography. The pieces all sit in places on the body that represent erogenous zones or imply intimacy and touch. Some of them trigger a shiver down the spine or a tingling sensation when worn through specific pressure points. The various emotions of my sexual desire guided the technical processes. Materials are fused, are under tension, they melt or were made to explode.
Sophia Mohr
Plexiglas, nickel silver.
15 x 8 cm
Photo by:
Nora Kirschmeier, Sophia Mohr

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