Repertoire by Sophie Herz

Installation  /  Installation   Figurative   Playful
Carved, colour glazed.

For Sophie Herz, houses function as carriers for ideas, not just as objects, but also as protagonists, extras or scenery. The installation “Repertoire” consists of 27 individually designed houses, which seem to break out of the bottom of a suspended bag and fall to the floor. This moment of falling is captured in its various stages - some shapes are lying already on the ground, others are floating in the air, while others are still remaining half in the bag. For Sophie Herz, this snapshot symbolizes the act of creative work: the elusive moments of inspiration and creativity, the spontaneous development in different directions. Every idea is like one of those little houses that need to be put back together and connected.

Sophie Herz
240 x 150 x 28 cm
Photo by:
Sophie Herz

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