Partially Undone Knot by Steven KP

Brooch  /  Figurative   Conceptual   Organic
Hand-carving, fabrication.

In his knot-shaped wooden brooches, Steve KP deals with the problem of perception by others and social pressure. The background is queer discourses. The topics are adapting, the apparent insertion into existing conventional and predictable structures in order to live without fear in a system that opposes the acting out of the authentic self, as this is still classified as not conforming to the norm. For Steven KP the knotwork became an opportunity to explore life with trauma in a slow and intense way, an approach that also corresponds to this condition of life. Even before starting work, he recognizes the knots and their shapes in the wooden blank. While carving and refining, the knots become progressively lighten and loosen. The series is titled "partially undone knot", which Steven KP understands as a state that is to be placed between the final tightening and the undone knot. However, his knots have the privilege of being able to remain in this state forever. In doing so, Steven KP deliberately tries to come close to the visual appearance of a real knot. Only when you touch it does it become apparent that the knots are made of wood. For him, the knots are a sign of development. At the same time, they have an obligation that their owner takes care of them. In the brooches connection and tenderness are the leitmotifs for Steven KP.
Steven KP
Partially Undone Knot
Cherry wood, leather, sterling silver.
16 x 4.5 x 1.5 cm
Unique piece

Photo by:
Rob Chron

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