Untitled by Sungkyung Yoon

Earrings  /  Fashion   Conceptual
Published: 16.02.2021
Sungkyung Yoon
Cotton yarn.
55 x 30 x 4 cm
Photo by:
Sungkyung Yoon
From series:
Backen macht Freude (baking is fun)

Sungkyung Yoon's inspiration came from the baking book “Backen macht Freude”, first published in 1930, which is the best-selling baking book in Germany and is characterized by its simple description of the recipes. Sunkyung Yoon was particularly fascinated by the old-fashioned images in the book and the various decorations for cakes and biscuits. They suggested a decoration for the body, with the obvious answer being jewellery, which should now be designed differently and based on the model of the cookbook. First of all, colours, decorations and recipes were collected from the book, with the aim of designing oversized pieces of jewellery from textiles reflecting the research and the impressions conveyed by the baking book. The works were created using various techniques such as embroidery, knitting, jacquard weaving. The works alternate between different areas of jewellery (e.g. earring and necklace), between clothing and jewellery (e.g. a collar). In their imagination and cheerfulness, they convey the fascination and pleasure that Sungkyung Yoon experienced through the illustrations in the baking book.

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