Radazul by Tamara Rosalía

Brooch  /  Geometric   OnBody
Unique piece

Moving or changing homes can be a liberating or traumatic deed in a person's life. Depending on each individual's circumstances, moving a lifetime hoping that the new place is the right one to adapt and fit in can be such an abrupt and upsetting change. But what happens when the change also occurs at a psychological level? How do you face the feeling that whatever you do, you do not have the necessary tools to grow roots in a place that has been built to establish new links, to make you feel participant? Which is the moment you realize that this barrier is within you?
The main motivation for working on this issue is the visibility of the common and intimate search for a place to root, to speak of the city as a subject matter with its dichotomies: culture-civilization, nostalgia-process, spirit-matter, individual-community or equality-difference. Finding in this dialogue a liberating path where the experience itself understands and heals with a calm observation, thus responding to unresolved internal uncertainties.
Tamara Rosalía
Glass, steel, silver.
9 x 8 x 4 cm
From series:
Shift: Coordenadas
Photo by:
Sofia Alemán

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