Comunion I-II by Tatiana Apraez

Brooch  /  Conceptual
I use the technique Barniz de Pasto in my work because is a sum of my identity; in it coexist my two cultural roots: the pre-Hispanic technique of waterproofing the wood by using the resin Mopa-mopa and Spanish graphic motifs.  These graphics blend with the indigenous motifs creating a new language to communicate with the mestizo, with us. As if the latex were a blank sheet to talk about of the union of two worlds present until today. I appreciate this moment of creation, offering jewelry to create a union, and communion among all. To unite through art, using technologies from different origins that make us stronger at the moment of creation.  Accepting our indigenous past and at the same time accepting the changes it has had and will continue to have, is accepting what we are and what we will be.  Besides, to observe that our value is precisely in this heterogeneous mixture and is to achieve peace and share it.
Tatiana Apraez
Comunion I-II
Hand carved wood, mopa mopa resin, silver.
Photo by:
Tatiana Apraez

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