Gorgon by Tetiana Chorna and Volodymyr Yarmusevich

Pendant  /  Narrative   Figurative   Conceptual
This is a story of the ancient goddess of protection who turned her enemies to stone. Decapitated with the aid of a mirror and slaughtered by the sword, she yet remained the symbol of resistance. But what if she came back to life? Ukraine is suffering and bleeding, and yet it resists bravely and lives fiercely. We overcome our fears and doubts, and slowly learn to live in the reality of brutal war. We grow through it like seeds that push through burnt-down ruins to see the sun. One day we shall prevail, our wounded land will be healed, and our souls will be cured.

The co-designer Volodymyr Yarmusevich is currently defending Ukraine on the battlefield.
Tetiana Chorna and Volodymyr Yarmusevich
Mortar mine fragment 120 mm (steel), bleached and polished silver 925
12 x 8 cm
Unique piece

Photo by:
Evgen Chorny

Estimated price: 800 €

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