Untitled by Thayuta Trichaiyaporn

I believe that people live and learn from experiences and move forward to their dreams and wishes. From my experience, my ‘time machine’ often takes me back to the amazing diary in my brain which is full of thoughts, dreams, reason and emotions, some good to keep and some hard to forget. Something deeply personal in me can recall a story which has occurred in the past and once happened this memory can last for a lifetime - I use this as my inspiration.

Human memory can broadly be defined as a function of the brain that gives us our ability to store and retrieve information. First there is memory that is full of imagination and from which daydreams are created, where the mind is drifting and is making up stories from past stories. The second is a complicated aspect, it is confusing and full of questions when I try to discover reasons, answers or conclusions. The third has all the information I have learnt since I was born, this is about my learning experience.

I created jewellery pieces that explore these definitions by using combinations of colorful Acrylic and different types of metal, connecting each element together to tell a story.
Thayuta Trichaiyaporn
Mixed media

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