PFUI by Theresa Macourek

Brooch  /  Organic   NewTalentsByKlimt02

The 5 brooches together form the word „Pfui“ which is an exclamation in german for the feeling of disgust in german. The pieces were inspired from the colourful underwater world of the Nudibranchs and their extraordinary behaviour and consist of a wild mix of different materials from the oddest ones which were to be found to traditionally bejewelling materials.
Theresa Macourek
Polymer clay, epoxy, 925 silver, dental steel, glass and plastic beads, freshwater pearls, plastic, human bone and tooth, doll and insect parts, shark teeth, moss, sponge, glue, glitter.
4 to 8 cm
Photo by:
Theresa Macourek

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