The modular mold. As a tool for user-centered design by Theresa Voigt

Vessel  /  Geometric   Minimalism
Modular mold construction, slip cast.

Theresa Voigt deals in her work with industrial production and the associated loss of appreciation for the products. She attributes this to the lack of knowledge about the genesis and production processes, to the anonymization of the objects. It is her concern to draw attention to the people involved in the production process as well as to involve the users in the design process. This should lead to a more intensified interest in the products. The project is based on the idea that the prospective users can put together their own porcelain objects via a website by designing, moving elements, and putting them together in different ways based on previously defined parameters. In the further course, the users are informed about the production and all those involved. By dividing the shape into different plaster segments, it is easily possible to put together different products. This process creates visually similar objects, each of which differs in details and thus forms a unique piece. The vessels consist of conical and cylindrical shapes, the colours tend to be pastel and matte. The cast seams remain visible and emphasize the motif of displacement.
Theresa Voigt
The modular mold. As a tool for user-centered design
20 x 14 x 14 cm
Photo by:
Theresa Voigt

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