Untitled by Tianfei Gao

Modern city life is high-speed - a vast number of things happen at the same time everyday. There are too many things we demand, and too many things we are afraid to loose. In our limited lifetime, we spend too much time focusing on chasing and holding. This super-speedy life makes us exhausted. When we are tired we loose focus on important details. Day after day of busy life makes us loose our sensibility to empathise with others. We are lacking communication and neglect that which is truly valuable.

What I try to do in my work is to allow people to slow down or to even stop altogether for a while - re-assessing life in detail and re-considering the meaning of living. Although my pieces are just simple cubic shapes, but being inside and paying more attention to detail, you will find something new and different.

The work is a medium to link the wearer, viewer and the environment.

I translate painting into three-dimensional and wearable objects. The square is a shaped frame-structure that is designed to be worn on the shoulders. Abstracted cityscapes are painted on transparent silk to represent different moods of city-life.
Tianfei Gao
Mixed media

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