Stone Knows the Answer - No Title by Tianyi Liang

Brooch  /  Abstract   Natural   Organic
Published: 16.02.2021
Tianyi Liang
Stone Knows the Answer - No Title
Leftover-red jasper, leftover-blue quartz, copper, steel, hematite pigment, artificial pigment, paint.
8 x 6 x 3 cm
Photo by:
Tianyi Liang
Selected and re-constructed from Liang's leftover-stone-library, further stone cutting, faceting, engraving, drilling, polishing, gluing, goldsmithing.

The works in the series “Stone knows the Answer” are based on Tianyi Liang’s collection of stone remains. She esteems the process of selecting or rejecting a particular piece of stone as a creative process. Here the artist plays with the fate of the stones. In her work, she deals with the many layers and connections of coincidences and conscious decisions that determine the formation of objects and thus cause new coincidences. The works fascinate due to their sculptural quality, their unusual shape, and the carefully considered colour combination. Front and back are related to each other; the pin of the brooch develops from motifs on the front in the sense of a continuation. These works, in which the moment of chance plays such a decisive role, prove to be extremely well thought out, planned, and conceived in detail.

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