New Blue by Tim van der Loo

Textile  /  OnBody
Traditional paper crafting technique combined with industrial embroidery.
Pair of jeans.

Tim van der Loo regards waste as a valuable resource. Based on this, he develops new objects, paying particular attention to sustainability and resource-friendly handling of materials. His approach is playful and dedicated to both functional and aesthetic concerns. For the “New Blue” project, he uses discarded jeans, which are cut into small fibers and then connected to form a fleece. Tim van der Loo tried out two manufacturing processes: the industrial fleece creates a uniform surface, while the handmade fleece generates an irregular, rough, structured surface that can be designed according to personal wishes. The fabric is then provided with digitally controlled embroidery to stabilize the fleece and to apply the pattern. When washing, the non-embroidered parts of the fleece material loosen, so that the remaining cut pieces can be sewn together to make trousers. The detached fleece parts can be used again. The embroidery can respond to trends and personal tastes.

Tim van der Loo
New Blue
Recycled jeans fibers.
120 x 80 x 46 cm
Photo by:
Tim van der Loo

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