Mind of Child by Tin Oi Yu


豐子愷先生曾經在「兒童相」一書提到:我向來憧憬於兒童生活,尤其是那時, 我初嚐世味,看見了當時社會裏的虛偽驕矜之狀,覺得成人都已失去本性,只有兒童天真爛漫,人格完整,這才是真正的「人」。
如用比喻手法,可把徹底真實而純潔的兒童比喻作白紙,因他們的思想空間就是一張白紙。 他們在熱情和好奇心下,擁有強盛且無限的想像力和創造力,他們是不受大自然支配、不受人類社會束縛的創造者。
‘I always prospect of a childhood life. Especially, when I came across in this society, it is sheer hypocrisy for adult who pretend to have better moral principles than they actually do. Therefore, most of adult is losing their human nature, but the child is totally opposite, they are with complete personality, so that can be referring to “Real Human Being”.’ Mr.Feung ZikAi said.
Appreciating a child’s mind as distinct as a white paper sheet. They embrace boundless imagination with enthusiasm and curiosity. They would not be restricted by the natural world and human society.
Tin Oi Yu
Mind of Child
Sterling silver, rice paper, cotton

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