Identität by Tzu-Yun Hung

Brooch  /  Organic
Statement: Tzu-Yun Hung has dealt in her graduation project with questions about her own identity as a Taiwanese woman living in Germany. The creation of the jewellery series was preceded by an investigation into questions of life in linguistic and habitat foreign communities. To what extent can one change and adapt one‘s own identity? And what kind of consequences may adaptation have for one‘s own self? Tzu-Yun collected materials from her home region in Taiwan and her new home in Germany, transformed them, and connected them with each other. The results are objects for the body whose homogeneous surfaces reveal nothing about the diverse origin of their parts.
Tzu-Yun Hung
Slate, rice, urishi lacquer.
7 x 6 x 4 cm
Photo by:
Petra Jaschke

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