Zwischenlärm by Valentina Michaelis

Body piece  /  Mourning
Published: 08.02.2021
Valentina Michaelis
Body piece
Photo by:
Petra Jaschke
Model: Vivian Manzardo.
Statement: Valentina Michaelis deals with the sorting of mental disorder and the process of resolving confusing situations. Due to social demands and personal expectations, people often face tasks that are difficult to reconcile. The focus of exploration is on what she calls intermediate noise, a moment of reflection on external and internal circumstances. It acts as a point of decision and helps to direct energies towards positive directions. Thus it is a necessary state in order to bring about a general problem solving. The jewellery series deals with the inner struggle and the process of resolution. The result is a series of brooch-like pieces which, through a change of posture or through conscious activity, undergo a transfor- mation from an apparent chaos to something more structured and flowing.
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