Bracelet with Eudialyte in Syenite by Valeriia Naumova

Bracelet  /  Natural

This current work is inspired by the concepts of chaos and order. In my first master's year, I created jewelry by creating layered clay structures with fringed layers. Their final form was obtained by folding them in the middle, thus creating a new structure or hollow volume: a piece of jewelry. This year I started off by creating layered metal structures in a metal workshop in Russia. I was fascinated by the meandering veins on the outside of the resulting metal objects. My first epiphany this year happened when I encountered a stone that suddenly revealed itself as a layered object that represented chaos and order at the same time. Suddenly, I realised it had been created and structured by the evolution of the Earth, by a succession of natural interventions. My second epiphany happened when I realised I could cut into these stones and combine them with metal bracings. Suddenly my training as a jewelry artist joined my original training as an architect. Lines have seen from another perspective become outlines of volumes. This is the link between the original work with metal and my decision to start cutting into stones. When I finished this collection I had my third epiphany, namely I had found a personal position between luxury jewelry and contemporary art jewelry. This has always been my dream and goal, but I seem to have achieved it unconsciously, just by working continuously, then taking distance at the right time, then having these sudden insights. In short, this collection is about combining chaos with order, abundance (a passion for rich and complex materials) with minimalism, fullness with emptiness, vulnerability and solid construction, sophistication and readability, luxury and art.
Valeriia Naumova
Bracelet with Eudialyte in Syenite
Sterling silver 925.
From series:
The epiphany
Photo by:
Johan Poezevara, Fabian Silvestre-Suzor

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