The Apple by Vendula Fabianova

Neckpiece  /  Conceptual   Organic   OnBody
Published: 16.02.2021
Vendula Fabianova
The Apple
Applewood, leather, horsehair, silk thread.
45 x 16 x 4.5 cm
Photo by:
Vendula Fabiánová
Wood carving, sewing.

In her work, Vendula Fabiánová deals with the interplay of body and object in jewellery. It is her concern that the jewellery touches the wearer's body and is experienced there, that haptic experiences are conveyed. The material characteristics of the piece such as weight, size and texture are relevant for this. The forms of her work do not follow those of the body, but rather relate to it. This creates a special language that, among other things, refers to female sexuality and is dedicated to the exploration of the inner and outer spaces of the body and mind. Vendula Fabiánová uses natural materials from which some have an animal origin. By this she refers to traces of the physical existence living beings are leaving behind. It is important to her to try to make the immaterial tangible, to condense the unknown and abstract in a form. The works made of wood or stone are shaped by cuts, cavities and facet-like play with edges and plain surfaces. For Vendula Fabiánová, every work embodies a concept, a thought, an idea. She understands the interplay between the wearer's body and the jewellery object as that of two bodies. Based on this, wearing jewellery may become a performance or a personal ritual. In her view, the worn piece of jewellery develops into a continuation of the body and the mind on a physical, aesthetic and conceptual level.

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