Vertebrae Series by Verena Krems

Set  /  Figurative

The three pieces „Corpus Vertebrae“,  „Arcus Vertebrae“ and „Sternum“ are dealing with the topic of vanity and it’s symbolism not only in history but also today. Inspired by the shape of bones, especially vertebrae, and their meaning in jewellery, the pieces address and show uncomfortable truths directly on your body and confront wearer and viewer alike.
The materials used are copper, bronze and different textiles. For „Corpus Vertebrae“ a combination of wire cutting and forming by hand was used. „Arcus Vertebrae“ was made from cast bronze pieces and hand knotted textiles and „Sternum“ is chased and braided by hand.
Verena Krems
Vertebrae Series
Copper, bronze, textile.
Photo by:
Franz Jerabek

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