Ego by Viktorija Domarkaite

Brooch  /  Landscape   Organic

The main shape of the piece is based on the idea of Romanesco broccoli. It is concentrated on due to a fact of a mentioned edible flower being a perfect mathematical creation of nature. Romanesco broccoli has incorporated Fibonacci Spiral, golden degree rule as well as a natural approximation of a fractal, making this object created by nature almost perfect.
Meanwhile, perfection in the human brain is mirror effect.
At the end, when human and nature perfections collide, it does not show a great divinity, but rather enhances a destructive replication impact humanity has over nature, even while trying to save it.
Viktorija Domarkaite
Polyurethane, plastic, brass, steel, pigment.
70 x 74 x 33 mm

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