Collection Myself by Wanni Xiang

Installation  /  Installation
Statement: The title fo my MA thesis is Collecting Myself. I consider the process of creating the works in this series as a method for self-inspection, acceptance and improvement and the process turns into an opportunity for me to hold dialogues with myself, and to vent my emotions. For Example, one of those works in this series is a paper necklace titled Choked. In this piece, I asked strangers to write words that describe themselves onto the necklace. I wrote down ‘social anxiety’ as my own label. Through this interactive method of making this piece, I forced myself to break through my own fear and break the label. I enjoy incorporating unconventional materials and novel working practices to push the boundary of jewelry art. In this process, I constantly find new possibilities for myself as an artist, and as a person.
Wanni Xiang
Collection Myself
Brass, silver, egg, rubber, copper, silk stockings, paper, found objects.
177 x 119 x 6.5 cm

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