Unintentional Growth by Weiqi Wang

Object  /  Abstract   Organic
11 x 6 cm. 9 x 8 cm. 12.6 x 7 cm
According to the theme of 'the combination of the spirit of rice culture and contemporary metal art' as the starting point, the author takes Liangzhu clay eating utensils as the model, and chooses the ancient traditional metal weaving as the craft, and the overall modelling style presents the organic form of metal wires and silver blocks casted in rice straw moulds. From the modelling style of the three vessels, it is the transformation of tradition to modernity, and from the style is the transformation of line to surface, and the author hopes to present a more multi-dimensional transformation process.
Weiqi Wang
Unintentional Growth
Sterling silver, silver wire, copper wire
Unique piece

Photo by:
ZongQuan Ling

Estimated price: 800 €

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