The Importance of the Immeasurable by My Winther

Sculpture  /  Organic

The human mind can be manipulated, repressed and adjusted in harmful and painful conditions. The consequences cannot immediately be seen, but the body has limitations in its biology and in its ability to adjust. When that limit is reached, conditions of illness arise which are manifested by both mental and physical symptoms. I have divided my work into three main parts to show the importance of the immeasurable. Pars meí is about medication for mental illness and the struggles of accepting a medication that some consider unnecessary. Mental illness cannot be proven through blood samples or other measurable tests and therefore it is not possible to prove the importance of medication in the same way as with measurable illnesses. Depressio is about how suppressing emotions and forbidden behaviors can lead to illness. Socio patologicus is about the important emotional work healthcare staff perform and the workload it entails but is not taken into account because it is not measurable. A work about what has been lost, denied, and neglected due to its immeasurable existence.
My Winther
The Importance of the Immeasurable
Copper, silver., steel.

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