Ruff by Xiaoxin Hu

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As I grew up, I had to constantly focus on my level of confidence; but fear still showed on my face while engaging with others. My inner heart needed a long time to become stronger. My goal was to develop my confidence around other people. Inspired by the Elizabethan era ruff and lace patterns, I am making wearable sculptural jewelry based on my concept, “Never Bow Down.” The significance of this concept is that I won’t lower my head to anyone or anything. I will develop the confidence to present the best of myself to people. In these projects, I used plastic and metal to evoke the visual of a ruff and integrated the traditional and modern materials to create a new vision of wearable jewelry in historic and current mediums. Although life is not perfect, there are ways we can have spiritual support from something that can give us power both externally and internally.
Xiaoxin Hu
Brass, acrylic.
From series:
Never Bow Down
Photo by:
Xiaoxin Hu

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