3D-Hand by Xin Liu

Object  /  Organic   Pattern   ArtWorksMJW22
Published: 16.02.2021
Xin Liu
25.5 x 16.8 x 14.8 cm
Photo by:
Xin Liu
Manual soldering technique with additive fabrication method.

Xin Liu's work is based on considerations about the importance of digital manufacturing in the present. The digital production of objects is widespread in all fields and has changed the way people work and think, as well as the understanding of traditional craft techniques. The new technologies show previously unknown possibilities, which in turn provide suggestions for the production of three-dimensional shapes. Xin Liu's work is the result of a new manual design method that combines the principle of the additive manufacturing process of a 3D-printer with traditional craftsmanship and in this context honours the craft. Based on the additive process of 3D-printing, Xin Liu devised complicated three-dimensional structures which were handcrafted in order to develop a new design language between manual and digital production. The fascinating thing about manual production lies in the direct contact between material and hand. For Xin Liu, the important thing is always the process in which knowledge and emotions - in contrast to computer production - are transferred to the object itself. The objects are created by continuously applying new layers of solder to a plaster body. The design of the shape is constantly evolving during production - in contrast to 3D-printer production, where spontaneous changes and further developments of a given design are not possible. By carefully combining small individual elements, the shapes grow organically in layers that create overlapping volumes and smaller shapes within larger complexes. After removing the plaster, the transparency of the forms and the fascinating pointillist detail become manifest.

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