Risk of Fracture by Yiqing Cai

Piece  /  Conceptual   Narrative
At first glance, this piece of Jewellery has an ambivalent situation; a flat tape consisting of a thin porcelain stripe within a silicone casing. This piece of Jewellery must firstly be "broken" before it can be worn either around the neck, or the wrist. The owner can only wear the Jewellery piece once it's broken, even though this piece warns the owner not to destroy it. The owner thus becomes the designer as well, as they have to complete the last step of the design process, thereby connecting the designer with the owner.
Yiqing Cai
Risk of Fracture
Porcelain, silicone rubber (without chemicals, skin-compatible)
3.8 x 19.3 x 0.4 cm
Unique piece

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