Wavy Inverted Bowl by Yongjin Chung

Bowl  /  Geometric   Minimalism   Architecture
Selected Finalist at the LOEWE FOUNDATION Craft Prize 2022.

Taking inspiration from an ancient Korean proverb that has its roots in Confucianism and equates a person’s character to a vessel, this ambitious stainless steel bowl has been created using techniques that maintain the traditional qualities in craft while introducing modern technology through the use of computer-aided metal design. The steel has been laser cut and micro-welded to create a double-walled bowl that is almost immaculate in terms of technique. The material has been interpreted with finesse and simplicity with a hand-polished finish that retains the quality of the surface, its scratches and small marks, acting as a metaphor for human life.
Yongjin Chung
Wavy Inverted Bowl
Stainless steel
62 x 62 x 32 cm

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