Gilet de sauvetage de la vie quotidienne (life jacket) by Yoon Sunwoo

Body piece  /  Design
Published: 17.09.2021
Yoon Sunwoo
Body piece
Gilet de sauvetage de la vie quotidienne (life jacket)
PVC, plastic.

When the bee was preparing to eat at a feeding station and fly off, she was captured and put in a dark box and carried blind to a third feeding station where she had never been before (…). When we released her, she reacted as if she didn’t know where she was. As we expected, after reaching the spot where the beehive would have been, she flew around all over the place (…). After a short wait, she finally returned to the air. She’s flying south! North! East! North! West! South! Now she’s moving in a straight line! She’s flying straight to the hive! She was certainly able to “know” the right direction to fly back home, using something that identified her position on the map. Was she able to confirm her new position on the map through her past orientation flights?— Homing Instinct, Bernd Heinrich — Parfait.
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