Urban lichen by Yuxi Lu

Installation  /  Organic
How will urban materials change in hundreds of years? What will they look like to future archeologists?
Can we still recognize whether they are natural or artificial objects under the rapid development of technology?
Yuxi Lu created a fictional Urban Archeology Lab (founded in 2430) in a bunker of the city of Antwerp. She is inviting visitors to enter the immersive space to discover future archeological findings and documentation. The objects displayed there mirror the shreds of evidence of urban life from the 21st century to the later 25th century. For example, brick from building sites, receipt paper from supermarkets, chicken wire from a house, and chewing gum from streets evolved over time. These recognizable objects transform into biomorphic forms with characteristics of flora, fauna, and minerals. Yuxi Lu hopes to make the audience wonder whether these objects are the result of natural forces or human and machinery manipulation over hundreds of years. She wants to raise awareness about the current state of nature and of human society, as much as stimulate the imagination about a new world for the audience.
Yuxi Lu
Urban lichen
Collected chewing gum, Petri dish, nutritious agar, light plate
42 x 3 x 30 cm
Unique piece

From series:
Urban Archeology Lab
Photo by:
Yuxi Lu

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