What's in the Heart? by Yuyun Li

Object  /  Conceptual
The starting point of the work is to explore the "birdcage effect" -- "when you accidentally acquire a birdcage, a few days later, you will buy another bird for the cage."
This is a jewelry box with a necklace missing. When the necklace in the box disappears, do you look at the groove in the jewelry box that used to fit it perfectly, and wonder where the necklace has gone instead of staying in the box? Does your desire drive you to seek its trail?
At this moment, when you calm down, carefully think about its whereabouts, will the first time to imagine the appearance of this necklace, to help you carry out the following search? In the process of constructing the necklace, you look at the shape of the heart and the chain connecting the heart in the box, and then imagine what kind of material it should be. Gold? Diamond? Plastic? Gems?
When the form of the jewelry is controlled, it leaves the audience to think about the possibility of variables. "A thousand Hamlets for a thousand audiences." To show the diversity of contemporary jewelry achievements.

Yuyun Li
What's in the Heart?
Black walnut, brass.
Unique piece

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