Shēng by Zhixuan Liang

Body piece  /  Natural   Organic   Conceptual
Published: 28.11.2022
Zhixuan Liang
Body piece
Photos in mixed media, cotton, polyester
29 x 118 x 6
Unique piece

From series:

I consider myself a full-time traveller after being away from home. My camera is always with me. It depicts what I see. After the photographs become massive, I feel like I am isolated from the surroundings.

Everything is saved as fragments. What is the meaning of travel? What is the meaning of photos?

With questions, I stopped taking pictures. I am stuck and lost. The pandemic is a turning point. I have to pay attention to the surroundings, meanwhile, stay with myself. The wood behind my house is the place I can visit and nature becomes my teacher. It teaches me to observe, remain open and reconnect with the world.
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