People - black, white and in between by Zhuojun Zhang

Pendant  /  Abstract

If you believe that there are living beings in the world, it is the life of all." Wandering among "things", trying to find the "human" harmony and peace.
The interleaved lines in the work, showing the tension between opposite objects in life, positive and negative, conscious and unconscious, light and dark, as well as harmony and disharmony. In this work, we explore the combination of commonness and individuality and find the "life of all" between elements.
There are contradictions and contrasts everywhere - between black and white, between smoothness and texture, between straight lines and curves, between feeling similar and not similar.
They are not attached to the "ribbon" but are placed smoothly for a short time. Like... Sentient beings, "they" are not fixed on the word "should", they only do a short stay.
It can be "alone" or "together".
It can be "balanced or unbalanced".
Zhuojun Zhang
People - black, white and in between
Pearls, metal, paint, card paper.
10 x 10 cm
Photo by:
Zhuojun Zhang

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