8th Hanau Goldsmith Laureate Silvia Weidenbach

Award giving  /  Artists  /  27 Nov 2018
Published: 26.11.2018
Silvia Weidenbach. Brooch: ctrl visionTHREE, 2017. 3-D printed moondust, gold, coral.. Photo by: Laura Falconer. Silvia Weidenbach
Brooch: ctrl visionTHREE, 2017
3-D printed moondust, gold, coral.
Photo by: Laura Falconer
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Since 2004, the City of Hanau has been appointing a City Goldsmith biennially. As a visiting lecturer at the Staatliche Zeichenakademie in Hanau, the honoree will work there for several weeks and hold a workshop for students. The 8th Hanau City Goldsmith Silvia Weidenbach will come to the Brothers Grimm City in Summer 2019.