Award Giving: Copenhagen Goldsmiths’ Guild turns 14 carat

Award giving  /  22 Aug 2014
Published: 25.08.2014

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It's already known the winner of "14 KARAT", a competition in honour of the Copenhagen Goldsmiths’ Guild. With a response of 64 applicants, the jury selected 21 to take part in the exhibition and gave five special prizes of acknowledgement.
The competition 14 KARAT is in honour of the Copenhagen Goldsmiths’ Guild turning 585 this year – corresponding to the stamp for 14 carat gold. The competition aims to promote talent, pay tribute to great craftsmanship and classical virtues, as well as focus on the artistic potential of the goldsmith  profession.

The response to the competition was great, with a total of 64 applicants taking the challenge to create a finger ring in 14 carat gold, with a maximum weight of 5 grams and featuring a 0.05 brilliant cut diamond. The competition also allowed for the submission of a series of rings with a more artistic character.

The jury selected 21 of the applicants to take part in the exhibition
, including the winner of the competition: Anja Aagaard Eriksen, Anna Hyllested, Carina Nordenstam, Charlotte Petermuss, Ditte Stepnicka, Erik Steen Solodziuk, Janne K. Hansen, Jytte Kløve, Jaana Junkkaala, Kasia Gasparski, Lars Glad, Lone Løvschal, Mette Laier, Michael Strøm, Peder Musse, Poul J. Clausen, Pyry Tamminen, Stine Krogsgaard, Therese Mørch Jørgensen, Trine Trier and Ulrike Ramin.

And the winner is: Goldsmith Jytte Kløve.

The Jury’s grounds:
The jury has without hesitation chosen Goldsmith Jytte Kløve as the winner of the Copenhagen Goldsmiths’ Guild’s 14 KARAT competition, for her series of sculptural rings. The rings are created in a superior Scandinavian design, an upcoming ’Evergreen’, created by a fabulously talented craftsperson. The design is simple, with notable artistic qualities and can be worn in many contexts and by women of all ages.

Five special prizes of acknowledgement will also be awarded: Anja Aagaard Eriksen, Peder Musse, Pyry Tamminen, Stine Krogsgaard, and Ulrike Ramin.

Goldsmith Mette Saabye, Chairman of the jury
Goldsmith Kim Colding, Member of the Guild board
Designer Mads Ziegler, Kranz & Ziegler
Designer Henning Kern, Dyhrberg/Kern A/S


Alderman Diana Holstein
Winner of 14 KARAT competition.
Winner of 14 KARAT competition

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Jytte Kløve. Ring: Untitled, 2014. 14 carat gold, diamond. Winner of 14 KARAT competition. Jytte Kløve
Ring: Untitled, 2014
14 carat gold, diamond
Winner of 14 KARAT competition
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