Sara Malm Winner of the JPLUS Graduate Award 2016

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Published: 28.10.2016

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The JPLUS Award by Klimt02 aims to recognize the work of graduate students by supporting their career on the professional world. During summer 2016 Klimt02 member schools had the possibility to participate in the Klimt02 New Graduate Series, where the graduation project of one student is selected by the school to apply to the JPLUS Graduate Award 2016.
This is the second edition of the JPLUS Graduate Award.

List of the 2016 edition selected students, participant schools and selecting teachers:

- Ilke Matthys from PXL- MAD School of Arts, Belgium selected by David Huycke.
- Solène Dejean from HEAR - Haute école des arts du Rhin, France selected by Florence Lehmann & Sophie Hanagarth.
- Julia Obermaier from Hochschule Trier, Germany selected by Theo Smeets.
- Wanshu Li from Edinburgh College of Art, United Kingdom selected by Susan Cross.
- Lucie Davis from Central Saint Martins, United Kingdom selected by Caroline Broadhead.
- Sara Malm from HDK - Academy of Design and Crafts, Sweden selected by Klara Brynge & Karin Johansson.
- Marco Belloli from LAO - Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School, Italy selected by Giò Carbone.
- Luci Jockel from Rhode Island School of Design, USA selected by Tracy Steepy.
- Georgina Contel from La Industrial Art School, Spain selected by Sònia Serrano.
- Hsinyu Candy Chu from Academy of Art University, USA selected by Charlene Modena.
- Hanna Ryynänen from Saimaa University of Applied Sciences, Finland selected by Jenni Sokura.

The winner of the  JPLUS Graduate Award 2016 is Sara Malm with her serie of work In Line With. The prize consist in a professional jeweller profile at and an exhibition at Klimt02 Gallery to present her graduate project.

Malm graduated with a MFA Jewelry Ar at HDK – School of Design and Crafts where she has studied under Professor Karin Johansson. 

Klimt02 directors Amador Bertomeu & Leo Caballero value the research, development, use of the materials, clean design, technics, shapes and colors as well as the coherence and entity in the pieces. Sara has accomplished and  defined her own artistic language and a balance between concept & final results.

Klara Brynge & Karin Johansson state:
Throughout her studies at BA and MA Sara has thoroughly and deeply investigated and developed her artistic language and interest in how form meets function and how jewellery and objects communicates and interacts with the body and the space we move in in everyday life. She plays in her work with a great sense of humour and thoughtfulness. Sara has gone deep in to investigating materials, shapes and colours she felt an attraction to, and opened them up with an eye for details and possibilities. With meticulous and careful work with material, form and technique Sara has throughout her master exam shown a sharp sense of skill, knowledge and artistic maturity.

Sara Malm state:
I believe in my hands. They made this work possible. When I trust them magic arises.
But I need to give them tools and feed them with materials. I need to set limits and to lend them time. Also not judge them to hard, but still be critical at the right moment. The hardest part is to make them all work together. / Sara Malm

The exhibition will be on show at Klimt02 Gallery from 15th November to 25th November 2016.

Sara Malm In Line With serie. Brooches, Rings, Bracelets and Necklaces, 2016

We would like to thank all participating students, teachers and staff members for your collaboration and the high level of the presented works and encourage all of you to apply for the 2017 edition.

Very soon we will launch the 3rd edition of the JPLUS Graduate Award 2017 with the guest jury, deadline and detailed conditions.