The Winner of Arte y Joya Award 2020

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Published: 18.10.2020
Ana Margarida Carvalho. Necklace: In Paradisum #69, 2018. Anodized titanium.. Ø 27 cm. Photo by: Ana Margarida Carvalho. Awarded at: Arte y Joya Award 2020. From series: In Paradisum. Ana Margarida Carvalho
Necklace: In Paradisum #69, 2018
Anodized titanium.
Ø 27 cm
Photo by: Ana Margarida Carvalho
Awarded at: Arte y Joya Award 2020
From series: In Paradisum
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The Arte y Joya International Award, organised by Grupo Duplex, was announced on October 8th, 2020. Due to the current situation (and in order to promote the digitalisation of this project) the winner was announced through a video posted on Instagram.