The Winner of Arte y Joya Award 2020

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Published: 18.10.2020
Ana Margarida Carvalho. Necklace: #69, 2018. Anodized titanium.. 27 cm Ø. Photo by: Ana Margarida Carvalho. Awarded at: Arte y Joya Award 2020. From series: In Paradisum. Ana Margarida Carvalho
Necklace: #69, 2018
Anodized titanium.
27 cm Ø
Photo by: Ana Margarida Carvalho
Awarded at: Arte y Joya Award 2020
From series: In Paradisum
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The Arte y Joya International Award, organised by Grupo Duplex, was announced on October 8th, 2020. Due to the current situation (and in order to promote the digitalisation of this project) the winner was announced through a video posted on Instagram.
The winner of the Arte y Joya International Award 2020-2021 is Ana Margarida Carvalho (Portugal) with the piece Paradisum #69.

The intention for the 10th edition of this project was to make it 100% digital and also more affordable for the participants. The organisation’s aim is to make this International Award more visible. The winner of this edition will have a widely coverage in Arte y Joya’s online communication channels, as well as a publication of an article in the newspaper Contraste. The winner also gets a trophy designed by the sculptor Fili Plaza. Along with the works of the 32 finalists, the winner’s work will be also published in the printed yearbook of Arte y Joya 2020-2021.

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About the Jury:
An independent jury formed by five specialised international experts, and with the aim to make this decision as plural as possible, has selected Ana Maria Carvalho as the winner of the year. They have been also joined by a popular vote. The experts, whom we thank for their support and sharing their experience in this project have been.
Antonio Sanchez. Teacher of History of Art and Design at the Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny de València (EASD València)
Eliana Negroni. Designer, gallery owner and manufacturer. Promoter of the project “Gioielli in Ferment” .
Paulo Ribeiro. Founder and director of JOYA Barcelona Art Jewelery & amp; Objets, platform benchmark in the universe of contemporary jewellery.
Roc Majoral. Art director of one of the most innovative Spanish firms, Majoral Joyas.
Susana Orozco. Committed to Joyeros Mx designer association, it is one of the most respected voices of the Mexican label.
The trophy of Arte y Joya Award 2020. .
The trophy of Arte y Joya Award 2020.

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