Winner of the 1st edition of JOYA- WORTH Award 2018

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Published: 15.01.2019
Winner of the 1st edition of JOYA- WORTH Award 2018.
Disseny Hub Barcelona (DHUB)
Paulo Ribeiro
Sara Barbanti. Necklace: Sections, 2018. Vine charcoal, silver.. Photo by: Paolo Terzi. Sara Barbanti
Necklace: Sections, 2018
Vine charcoal, silver.
Photo by: Paolo Terzi
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This year the JOYA- WORTH Award will be awarded for the first time, a prize for the effort and work of the participating artists. The winner of this edition will be part of the Worth Project with a grant of 10,000 euros to develop new artistic projects.
1st edition of JOYA – WORTH Award given to Sara Barbanti from Italy during the JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery & Objects Fair 2018, from 4th to 9th October.

In each edition, the Jury of JOYA rewards an individual artist. The prize is the opportunity to become the face of the next edition of JOYA and their piece of art jewellery will be promoted in the media through the JOYA organizations. On its 10th anniversary, JOYA Barcelona acknowledged the effort and work of the artists taking part, by honoring one selected participant with a grant of 10.000€ to undertake new artistic projects. Sara Barbanti, formerly awarded by Klimt02 at Gioielli in Fermento, presented her Origins collection at the fair. All presented pieces were mainly made of wood, charcoal, gold, and other precious metals.

Her research is based on the relationship between different materials, on how they can converse with and enhance each other. She says about her work: The contrast is essential, organic shapes combined with simple figures, poor materials with precious ones, light with darkness. Creating a suggestion in the observer without using figurative elements provokes a wider range of possibilities and reflections. For this reason, the creative process becomes extremely important, the spontaneity of the form and the composition are fundamental, the imperfection becomes a strength and the fragment infuses a feeling of completeness.

She was selected for the clear and strong language in her pieces and the poetic approach of her material research.